About me

After completing my BA degree (Communication Science), I spent 10 years in some of Cape Town’s top agencies, including KingJames, TBWA, JWT and FCB Impact. Since 2009, I have been an independent freelancer, working on both creative and corporate writing, with the focus over the last few years turning to corporate writing.

I am a qualified ILS Life Coach and a Member of Toastmasters International. (I’m actually the Immediate Past President of my club and current Vice President Public Relations. What does it all mean? Visit a meeting and see for yourself.


The Ungrateful Little Swine (Children’s Book)
Currently working on the second in the series, ‘The Talkative Little Tit’.

Hobbies & Interests

Yoga, hiking, photography, gardening, psychology, film, literature, dogs, cheese, beer and Universal love.