Your your worst enemy… or something.

You are. What are you? You are bright. You are funny. You are making yourself look like a nana with your incorrect use of the word your in place of YOU ARE.

YOUR - belonging to you.

Can I please wear your Captain Hook outfit to work tomorrow?
Your nose looks thinner since I saw you last Spring.

These are correct!

Now what about:

Your special.”


Your special what?

Your special recipe for koeksisters? Your special friend looks like a man? What?

YOUR means “belonging to you”, finish en klaar.

You are special can be shortened with an apostrophe, like this:

YOURE special.

Now that makes sense!

You’re adorable, you’re so clever. you’re so strong.

Yes! Correct.

Let’s recap:

YOUR = Something that belongs to you.

YOURE = You are.

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Lose vs.loose

This is one of the most common grammar mistakes people make.

The natural assumption is that the longer sound has the double-o and the shorter sound only one.

But this is one of the few words where the opposite is true.


If your belt is too loose, you may lose your pants. (Which is fine if it’s “no pants Friday” but any other day of the week, this is a bad thing.)

Here’s an easy way to remember it. >>>>>> Loose has the same amount of o’s as goose.

Loose like a goose”

Lose has only ONE o. Because it lost one. Get it?

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She’s come undone -

She's Come UndoneShe’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read this book years ago and loved it, so when I was reminded of it recently on the fabulous goodreads, I ordered it from Kalahari, excited to read it again. The negative reviews on goodreads made me suspect that I would hate it this time around. But, I loved it all over again, loved and hated Dolores Price all over again and found and lost little pieces (and sometimes chunks) of myself in her again. It’s an incredibly well written, epic coming-of-age novel that had me laughing, cringing, hissing and even wiping away a tear in parts. I had to lie down for a little while when I was finished with it. I’m not going to go into the story at all - suffice it to say that any woman who has battled with self worth issues, should pick this book up and dive in, heart first.

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