If you would like to read a specific type of writing, just ask. I will happily send you examples of brochures, direct mail letters, e-newsletters, posters, print ads, radio ads and more.



I do a lot of work on the Agrimark Account through XL Design, a groovy ad and design agency based in Stellenbosch. One such job is the content for the Agrimark Facebook page, now with more than 50 000 highly targeted likes and impressive interaction figures.


Having spent 10 years as a BTL writer in various well-acronymed agencies, I am very experienced in campaign work, including promotions, competitions, launches, sales drivers and more.



I do a large amount of editing work, including annual reports, project reports and more. One of my biggest editing clients is the wonderful NPO Swiss Contact. I have been doing editing work for various international divisions for more than five years.


I can write copy for everything from warcraft to hot yoga. I kid you not.