I work from home in Hout Bay, with 4 dogs, 3 cats and several lovely people who share part of the house as a work space. I am particularly specialised in drafting and editing corporate documents, writing blog posts and articles, and working on campaigns - from conception all the way down to the finest detail of the promotional mechanics. Below are a few samples of my work. For specific types of copy, please feel free to ask.

Having spent 10 years as a BTL writer in various well-acronymed agencies, I am very experienced in campaign work, including promotions, competitions, launches, sales drivers, internal communications and so on and so forth. Byvoorbeeld:

While I am predominently a BTL writer, I love getting my hands dirty with all sorts of projects. I’ve done a good few radio ads in my time, but the most recent are for Agrimark.


I was tasked with working with a producer to create a Jingle, which would appeal to the Agrimark clientele. Ads now end with this 6-second Jingle. Lekker.


I do a large amount of editing work, including annual reports, project reports and more. One of my biggest editing clients is the wonderful NPO Swiss Contact; I have been working with various international divisions for more than six years. Click on the image to see what they do.

Ah, the bread and the very butter. I can, have and will write copy for everything from warcraft to hot yoga. No cigarettes though. One has to draw the line somewhere. Websites, ads, brochures and emailers, flyers, reports, break-up letters, wedding vows. I’ll write it.